The Voice of Self-Loathing

I am a very self-critical person, I expect things from myself that I would never expect from others and when I am not this perfect version of myself I have in my head it can upset me and cause a lot of anxiety.

That little voice in my head has made me feel like I don’t deserve to even exist anymore and that in itself is super destructive.

Self-Loathing QuoteWe live in a world


now that demands so much from us causing stress and anxieties enough without our own thoughts trying to crush us.

I have tried a few things to eliminate or lessen the volume of this little devil on my shoulder.

I write lists about all the positive things about myself.

I understand I’m not a drug addict, murderer or asshole (most of the time).

I try and understand that I have limits when it comes to burning out.

I avoid making strict goals/schedules because it leads to too much anxiety.

It’s all about being a little nicer to myself I suppose. Which a lot of us need to realise is important. However, I know how hard that can be in the present day with the responsibilities we have.

Thanks for reading,


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