Book Review: The Equality Illusion

The Equality Illusion: The Truth about Women and Men Today by Kat Banyard

This non-fiction feminist manifesto takes on the people who protest that sexism is of the past and females are more equal to men than ever. With interviews, scientific data and powerful political language Kat Banyard pulls the curtain and reveals the patriarchy behind the curtain.

The Equality Illusion breaks down the misconceptions about society today, all whilst backing up viewpoints with detailed scientific studies and statistics.

Banyard focuses on seven main aspects of the modern patriarchy. Using the structure of a normal day starting from 06:56 and on to midnight. Banyard highlights the everyday struggles of women dealing with Body Image issues, domestic violence, workplace sexism etc.

Reading Banyards work involved absorbing a lot of information, that could be a bit taxing for any novice feminist, but I felt confident in its reliability. The balance of opinion and fact was perfect.

The chapters are broken down further into topics and themes helping the reader to focus for longer without feeling overwhelmed by one particular subject in which the author has a lot of passion about. The education provided about the deception of equality presented by the media.

One thing to learn from The Equality Illusion is: We still have a long way to go.

I only could find some real issues when it came to a difference of opinion when it came to sexual identity and objectification. The Booty Myth: A Night Out in the Sex Industry showed the authors overall dislike of the sex industry and the so-called choice associated with things like pole-dancing classes and Burlesque.

Modern feminism does focus a lot on reclaiming our sexuality and Banyards view that these are not really choices as we believe they are but are another way for the patriarchy to demoralise women.

Personal I feel there is a way to reclaim our outward sexuality and uphold feminist ideals. I understand the safety issues and abuse that occur in the sex work but that comes from within and changes to laws can help with this without removing the industry altogether.

I would recommend this book to any feminist hoping to learn more about what different women experience whilst having the evidence to back up this knew knowledge.

Thanks for reading,



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