Cosplay: Convention Essentials

Conventions are the best places for cosplaying and finding your inner nerd. However, those of us who are Con veterans and can reliably say that it can be war! There’s gonna be a lot of people, walking, tempting expensive items, cosplays that take up a whole aisle and on and on and on.

So here are some essentials for your convention going hotties.

  1. H2O

I’ve made the mistake of not having a drink on me and it was not good. Make sure to have a bottle of water, those convention halls can get surprisingly hot especially when you’re wearing a lycra catsuit and corset. I also like to have a sugar drink like Lucozade so I don’t get dizzy from walking. Oh the constant walking.


Now you can buy food at the convention but that will probably cut into your Funko Pop fund so I’d say bring some food from home or a cheaper option. However leave some room for nerd themed and Japanese snacks.

3. Germs are everywhere!

Conventions are notorious for being hubs of bacteria which will inevitably cause you to get sick. You can combat this with some hand sanitizer but also whilst were on hygiene, use deodorant! It smells bad enough already without Chewbacca BO.

4. Bag it up!

You will end up taking your body weight in stuff home with you plus all the shit I’m telling you to take so bring a good sized strong bag. Not like me who had to buy another backpack after mine broke in the middle of London Comic con. If you want to minimise the damage the bag will do to your cosplay I will suggest drawstring sports bags in a blend-able colour.

5. Strike a pose

I love taking pictures with awesome cosplayers and you will too! Bring a camera or a phone to snap lots of cool pics. Also invest in a portable phone charger because none of us can survive without our phones.

6. Falling apart at the seams

Cosplays have a lovely habit of falling apart mid-convention so our going to need an emergency repair kit. We’ve all seen the small sewing kits that suddenly appear out of nowhere, well now they have a use! Tape, safety pins and a small hot glue gun are also great for quick fixes.

7. Keep that face on!

Sadly makeup is temporary so make sure to take necessary makeup with you. Lipsticks, powder, eyelash glue, hairspray, a brush etc to keep you pretty or ugly depending n the cosplay.

8. Take my money!

I save up a good amount of money for MCM London and get all the awesome stuff! I’m not in anyway saying you have to take hundreds but a souvenir of the day is always nice.

9. Check yourself before you wreck yourself

There are some rules to conventions that are clear such as the Cosplay does not mean Consent campaign but either is also certain unwritten rules. Always ask permission to take a picture with or of a cosplayer and respect their decision. Use your manners and be kind to everyone.

10. Take all the anxiety meds!

The best thing to do when going to a convention is to be open minded. all my convention experiences have been incredibly positive so try and not to be too worried.

Happy cosplaying,

Thanks for reading,



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