Book Review: Seconds By Bryan Lee O’Malley

Katie’s a young talented chef with no restaurant. Stuck between her old job and her own dream restaurant, the thoughts of self-doubt are hard to ignore and when the opportunity to change her mistakes arrives she embraces it.

However, nothing comes without conditions.

Some things are just meant to be.


I enjoyed this incredibly. I always love a story that seems unique and this is definitely different. The mix of fairytale, fantasy and horror are all presented in true Seconds Book Review Graphic NovelBryan Lee O’Malley fashion. His art style is playful but can be very emotive.

Katie, our main character, is likeable but can be problematic in morals. I liked that she is a boss and isn’t afraid to be assertive. The fact that she is following her dreams is great and when she realises a guy is getting in the way of that dream she is disappointed in herself.

The romantic story felt a little forced to me. I understand she wants love but the story would have been just as compelling if the ending had not involved the love interest.

The twist was actually surprising, which is incredibly rare for me as I can normally guess a plot twist pretty early in books/graphic novels. It also made complete sense. How refreshing.

I read this graphic novel in a matter of hours during work and now want to explore more of Bryan Lee O’Malleys novels.

Thanks for reading,



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