Another Round of Therapy

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After another long wait on an NHS waiting list for Psychotherapy, I received the long-awaited call, kind of.


I was offered a few sessions of psychoanalytic therapy as a taster for longer-term therapy but I basically jumped at the chance to get my foot in the door somehow.


I thought it would be helpful to cover my experience in this new type of therapy in my ongoing recovery.


What’s different this time?


I’ve previously been through four rounds of CBT therapy which is a talking therapy that focuses on the concept that thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and actions are all connected. You work with a therapist to breakdown thoughts and break the cycle created by negative thoughts, actions etc. CBT focuses on creating tools for dealing with day to day life.


This time the particular therapy was psychoanalytic which again is a talking therapy that treats a wider range of mental illnesses and focuses on the effects of your past and current problems. It’s much more about talking and analysing why you may have depression and anxiety (in my case). It is much more like the therapy seen on TV shows and films.


My Personal Experience


CBT was not helpful for me, although it works for many people. I feel that my thoughts race too fast for CBT to be effective and the aspect of worksheets and homework felt too much like an obligation than a therapeutic way of dealing with my mental health.


I have had a contrasting experience with psychoanalytic therapy. The concentration on analysing past events, relationships and my reactions to them worked well with my personality. I am very self-analytical. The talking aspect was much more thorough and I was able to talk more which at the beginning of each session felt a little embarrassing. The thing that I wanted out of therapy was the ability to off load a lot of the shit in my head and that is what these sessions allowed for.


I will say that this was a more mentally exhausting therapy then CBT and I did feel pretty drained after each session.


Final Thoughts


Therapy is definitely helpful but it takes time. In the NHS system, it can mean waiting for nearly a year on a waiting list for a therapy that may not even be for you. In other locations, it means large bills for something that could save your life.


This new form of therapy is definitely more suited to me as a person and I hope to continue in a therapy like this one.


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2 thoughts on “Another Round of Therapy

  1. Cece Alex says:

    Hey! I felt exactly the same about CBT, and I’ve never heard/ read anybody else describe it like that until you did, but that’s exactly how I felt about it. I’ve tried psychodynamic therapy, which deals with past trauma, which I found extremely helpful for dealing with my past trauma, but then it didn’t seem to help me with dealing with my emotions within the present, as in learning how to deal with day-to day life. I’ve tried psychodynamic therapy twice, and I’m now on a waiting list to see a Personality Therapist. I’ve been waiting for six months now and it’s been a struggle. Some nights I can’t sleep because my anxiety is through the roof and then some days I can’t get out of bed because I’m so depressed, and then my GP won’t change my antidepressants because of my epilepsy. Ah, life. I’m really glad you’ve found a therapy that works for you xoxo


    • NancyLostinLife says:

      The brain is so hard to treat especially with other conditions such as yours. Sadly all we can do is be patient and keep pushing for better funding and treatment. I wish you all the best in your future. N x


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