A Book for Her by Bridget Christie -Review

Bridget Christie - A Book for Her

A Book for Her presents the chaotic struggle of standup comedian Bridget Christies rise to acclaimed comedy stardom sprinkled within her well-informed feminism. We follow Christie through her early standup, involving dressing up and imitating various male historical figures and a feminist donkey into her revelation of mixing her passion for women’s rights and stand-up comedy.


Bridget Christie is a British critically acclaimed comedian, writer and actress. With her various awards, TV show appearances, popular written work and her award-winning Edinburgh shows her mixture of politics and comedy has won the hearts of audiences and continues to.


What I loved about the book?


The tone of Bridget Christie’s writing is one of my favourites to read. Her sarcastic comedy mixed with wackiness is seamlessly weaved in with serious political subjects such as Female Genital Mutilation.


Christie’s writing style doesn’t leave the reader fatigued from an onslaught of the shit of the world which is definitely helpful for those who want to be informed but don’t want to risk their overall mental health. Christie also backs up her writing with statistics and examples that create a trust between her and her readers that she is a reliable source of feminist political ideas.


I particularly enjoyed Christie’s observations on the Bic for Her pens and FGM.


“Women were invented ages ago, before the 1960s, because God realised very quickly that Adam needed an audience for his jokes.”
― Bridget ChristieA Book for Her



What I didn’t like?


The inclusion of experts of stand-up comedy did not feel like it translated well. These parts were frequently skipped by myself and felt long winded when I did read them.


The rambling part of Christie’s writing is both a blessing and a curse the introduction was particularly hard to get through as she went on and on about farts. Personally, that is not my type of comedy, it felt quite childish. But hey if that’s your thing.


Why I would recommend this book?


A Book for Her is the kind of informed memoir that doesn’t cause mental strain and is fun to learn about the life of a woman in a male dominant industry.




Purchase the book at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Book-Her-Bridget-Christie/dp/1780892209


Read more about Bridget Christie: http://www.bridgetchristie.co.uk/


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