The Very Sleepy Chronicles – Part One

The Very Sleepy Chronicles - Part One.png

I haven’t slept since yesterday at around 5 pm. That was about 30 hours ago. This is not the first and probably not the last time I have been forced into trying to reset my body clock from its night owl nature to a human sleep cycle.


My eyes are struggling to stay open but I still wanted to get a post out today. So, I’m basically going to give you a look into my rambling sleep deprived mind.


I wonder what would happen if I lived as my body clock wants me to. If I stayed up all night and sleeping all day. Would I even see people anymore? This is my fear if I was able to work from home which is something I would love. I’m so anti-social. People exhaust me.


I’ve been listening to a lot of true crime podcasts still but I also like when they have comedy. I don’t want to listen to sad people. Is that fucked up?


I have a strange relationship with death. I’ve experienced a lot of it but it’s not something that traumatizes me.


Typing is getting hard to do. I’m going to bed.


Sweet Dreams.


Leave me some sleepy thoughts of your own.


Thanks for reading,





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