I Am a Bad Reader

I am a bad reader

During my early secondary school years, I would read one to two books a week. I blew through YA novels of the time with their shitty book covers and dodgy romances like my life depended on it. I got in trouble for reading during class under the table, more than once. Yet as school took over and life got harder my ability to sit and obsess over books has dwindled.


I love books. I love reading. For the bliss as well as the feeling of superiority over you none readers.


I’m sitting on my bed right now looking at my book shelf and all the books I want to read but don’t. They’re just sitting there.


It feels crappy that I no longer have the urge to read like I used to. To stay awake too late to finish one more chapter, to go to the library and check out my maximum amount of possible loans and know that I’ll be able to bring them back by the due date.


Instead of picking up my second-hand copy of The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde I spend my time watching YouTube and reading really bad Wattpad books. I don’t think I can count most of Wattpad as legitimate reading however every now and again you can find a real gem.


I suppose the only way to get back into my love for reading I must push myself. Therefore I promise to myself and anyone reading that I will finish a book by the end of September.


Let’s start small.


What are your reading habits like? Any tips to read more and get my passion for reading back?


Thanks for reading,




3 thoughts on “I Am a Bad Reader

  1. enisette says:

    Aaaaah I’m the exact same!! I used to read so much and now it’s like, I read two books this summer and it’s been such an achievement cos I don’t think I read any last year! I’m trying to get back into it, but yeah, it’s definitely work haha. I’ve always read before sleeping, but that stopped working out cos I started only getting into bed when I’m exhausted, so now I try and read whenever I travel, like on the tube, or get into bed before I want to sleep per se. I think it’s helping! Good luck on the reading more haha

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  2. Cece Alex says:

    I used to be like you. Some nights I would read all the way through the night and then go into school without having slept! Then I found that I just couldn’t read because I either couldn’t switch my brain off from dark thoughts, or I just couldn’t engage my brain at all – I’d just rather lie there and think of nothing.
    Then I started off small: reading a couple of pages before bed, on the tube/ bus, on the sofa or whatever and now I’m reading more and more again. Takes time, and some days you go back – you don’t wanna read, then suddenly one day you’re hungry for it again. It’s weird, haha xoxo


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