Surviving the First Month of Uni

Where do I begin?




I was so looking forward to going to University. I am the first to pursue higher education in my immediate family and I do love to learn especially when I’m passionate about the subject.


However, having expectations of something is often my downfall. Nothing can ever live up to my expectations and when it doesn’t I get VERY depressed.


So, when I got to university and I wasn’t as happy as I believed I would be well…….. things went downhill pretty quickly.


Thankfully I have not relapsed into self-harm which I’m proud of and I have purposefully sought out support within my university’s support system and my own.


So, I haven’t made any “friends” yet and have struggled to stay on top of my work since dark Nancy has perched herself on my shoulder to whisper cruel things in my ear. But, the last few days have been good and when you struggle with a mental illness the good times are always extra good.


One downfall of depression for me is that I will not take care of my spending habits because well come on buying something feels good. Instant gratification and all that. So….. I’m pretty much fucked.


When it comes to blogging, I’ve missed it but it felt like a chore. Something I didn’t look forward to and caused me depression and feeling like a failure.


I am going to try and post Mental Mondays regularly as possible and go from there.


Leave any tips or stories for university struggles in the comments!


Thanks for reading




One thought on “Surviving the First Month of Uni

  1. Cece Alex says:

    Hi hun.
    I think you’re putting wayyyyyy too much pressure on yourself. You’ve done an entire month, you should be proud – that’s a huge achievement, considering you’ve been struggling.
    Who do you live with?
    Have you signed up to any societies? That might help with friends?
    And meeting people who have common interests away from the pressures of seminars and lectures. I waited until my third year to do that and wish I’d done that earlier as I found it a lot of fun.

    Being part of something might also distract you from spending money, which I think helped me too. I spent my entire student loan in my first month because I was so depressed, and had to live on my overdraft for the rest of the first term :/ not ideal.

    Also, as much it’s a great achievement you being the first in your family go to Uni, try not to think about that either. This is about you and your experience. What you want to get out of it. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.
    The reason why I’m saying this is because I was also the first in my family and I put an incredible amount of pressure on myself; I felt that I had to work twice as hard because my parents never had the opportunity, even when I was ill, otherwise it would appear ungrateful.
    Be open and honest with your tutors. I’m currently doing an MSc and my tutors know about my Epilepsy and Mental Health issues.
    I hope this hasn’t been information overload!
    But let me know if you need anymore help 🙂 xoxo


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