About Me



Welcome to Nancy Lost in Life.

I started this blog in a time of my life where I felt lost and stuck in a sort of purgatory. Life may change and things will get better but constants are good. I will always have a mental illness, I will always be opinionated, I will always be a feminist and I will always speak out.

NancyLostinLife is for like minded people who like to read about and interact with a high functioning depressive who has constant anxiety, especially on transport. I’ll show you what books to read, how to have long rambling rants about the smallest thing that I’ve probably been thinking over for three weeks and some hopefully helpful real life experience of mental illness.

I may be new to the game but I’m a dark humoured working class British student so I know so much….. Well, at least I’ll make you feel a little more well adjusted.

Tag along for the ride to hell you never knew you wanted to be a part of!

With Love



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