Book Review: The Equality Illusion

The Equality Illusion: The Truth about Women and Men Today by Kat Banyard This non-fiction feminist manifesto takes on the people who protest that sexism is of the past and females are more equal to men than ever. With interviews, scientific data and powerful political language Kat Banyard pulls the curtain and reveals the patriarchy... Continue Reading →

The Voice of Self-Loathing

I am a very self-critical person, I expect things from myself that I would never expect from others and when I am not this perfect version of myself I have in my head it can upset me and cause a lot of anxiety. That little voice in my head has made me feel like I... Continue Reading →

COSPLAY: Getting Started

Welcome to my new series concentrating on Cosplay. I have always loved dressing up either for Halloween, performances, contests etc. I had been following cosplayers for a while and wanted to get involved but anxiety and low-confidence kept me in the cosplay closet for some time till I finally, with the help from my bestie,... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Book Characters

Characters are really important in books, they carry the plot and when a reader connects with a character it can create a great relationship for years to come. Like many readers, I have favourite characters but the list is ever changing and evolving so here’s the present list: Matilda ‘Matilda’ by Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake... Continue Reading →

Things I do in spite of mental illness

I’ve talked about the things that I’ve done BECAUSE of my combined anxiety and depression but I wanted to also tell all you lovely readers about the things I do in SPITE of my silly little brain. 1.Survived GCSEs and College/BTEC. I came out of compulsory education quite successful even with the loss of family... Continue Reading →


I’m pretty sure no one is truly ready for adulthood. What even is an adult: financial independence, moving out of your parents, leaving education? Who the fuck knows! I do know that life is messy and when I decided to leave my university course a few weeks in and enter the “real world” it felt... Continue Reading →

Successful Adaptations

I have mostly talked about unsuccessful, at least to readers and movie critics, but what about the successful ones. There have been many successful adaptations of books including The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones etc. These tv shows and films transfer the best parts of the base text onto the screen. So how... Continue Reading →

Mental Health and Comedy

Mental Health and Comedy As I’ve said I love podcasts and one podcast I listen to is The Hilarious World of Depression. The host interviews comedians with mental illnesses, the fist thing he asks them is, “Is Depression Funny?”. Everyone's answer is a little different. But, the most interesting thing to me as a lover... Continue Reading →

Having Older Parents

My parents have always been a little different from many others, well my whole family really. When my family and I went on holiday a few years ago it was my mum, aunt, second cousin, one of my nephews and myself. Explaining this to a coach full of people is tedious, to say the least.... Continue Reading →

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