Why We Marched!

This is not my usual mental health Monday post but this is important and I felt I needed to write about this. On the 21st January 2017, I attended the women’s march in London, one of 673 marches Global, and I want to write about my experience and feelings towards this event. It was amazing.... Continue Reading →


I am not ashamed of my period! The menstrual cycle is one of the most openly shamed bodily functions. Grown men flinch at the sight of tampons, my own mother calls sanitary towels “private things” and women feel necessary to hide “feminine hygiene products” up their sleeves. (don’t pretend we haven’t all done this)  ... Continue Reading →

I love education but I despise the system

  I’ve had my differences with the English education system in my time. From being bullied, undiagnosed anxiety and losing a parent during my exam year. However, I know I am intelligent and love learning new things. I appreciate my free education but it is not perfect and does not prepare you for what educators... Continue Reading →

Acting is classist

I have wanted to be a performer since I was young like thousands of people in the world. I have cried over parts and on stage, learnt lines at 3 am and walked into a west end theatre with dreams of one day being on the big stages that seemed so far away. I have... Continue Reading →

I don’t like Christmas

    Yes, I am unashamed to announce that I am a scrooge and a humbug. Christmas seems to creep closer and closer to September and soon we’ll be hearing jingle bells in the summer time.   The amount of pressure put on people during Christmas time, especially on parents. People comment on the materialism... Continue Reading →

Speak about politics! 

Just like after brexit there's memes and statuses about people talking about politics! As a women, our gender is constantly told off for speaking of "superficial" or "unimportant" subjects. As a young person, we are told we don't have enough interest in politics and only care about our phones and social media. It seems no... Continue Reading →

Being the “Skinny One”

My relationship with food, weight and health have always been let’s say complicated.   I was born small, grew thin as a twig and have recently been trying to gain weight so I am at a “healthy” weight.   I’ve never been a big eater and still am not. Food is not my top priority... Continue Reading →

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