Waiting for Christmas Holidays

So I'm still struggling.   I think this time its because the holidays are coming up and I'll be able to go home for a few weeks. It kind of feels like I'm just crawling towards this finish line and nothing else seems to matter.   I've been such a shit student. Or maybe I'm … Continue reading Waiting for Christmas Holidays


An Update: On Turning 21 and Continuing to Struggle

On the 31st October 2017, I turned 21. My birthday has always been bittersweet mostly because of the ridiculous expectations I have for basically everything.   It didn’t feel as big as last year did even though 21 is still one of the big milestones for no fucking reason. Anyway, I had a nice time. … Continue reading An Update: On Turning 21 and Continuing to Struggle

A Book for Her by Bridget Christie -Review

A Book for Her presents the chaotic struggle of standup comedian Bridget Christies rise to acclaimed comedy stardom sprinkled within her well-informed feminism. We follow Christie through her early standup, involving dressing up and imitating various male historical figures and a feminist donkey into her revelation of mixing her passion for women’s rights and stand-up … Continue reading A Book for Her by Bridget Christie -Review


I’m pretty sure no one is truly ready for adulthood. What even is an adult: financial independence, moving out of your parents, leaving education? Who the fuck knows!     I do know that life is messy and when I decided to leave my university course a few weeks in and enter the “real world” … Continue reading Adulting