What is the future of NancyLostinLife?

I started NancyLostinLife at a time during one of the most challenging times of my life. After over two years of blogging and being in the blogging community, I feel like it’s time to ask myself where I want to go from here, blog-wise.   Truthfully, I don’t know.   I enjoy the blogging community … Continue reading What is the future of NancyLostinLife?


So……. It’s 2018

First of all, Happy New Year. I hope you all had a lovely holiday season even if you don’t celebrate any specific event. 2017 was a rollercoaster of happiness and stress. A lot happened to me education wise this year and for the first time in a long time, I can envision a good future … Continue reading So……. It’s 2018

Mental Check!

The last two weeks have been a trip! I had my first real bad depersonalisation episode and it was so weird. The feeling of not really being in my body was worrying and it was really hard to make myself do anything, which leads me to my next mental wall at the moment. I have … Continue reading Mental Check!


Bullying can occur anywhere: schools, workplaces, home. Anywhere there is someone different and an environment that perpetuates separation. Bullying is everywhere. I myself was bullied in my primary school years, I actually don’t remember a lot of the specifics but I know it happened because I do remember the meetings with teachers. I remember the … Continue reading Bullying